Monday, January 31, 2011

"Showing the Ropes" oil on masonite 6xx6" sold

It seemed somehow odd to paint today and now to post.  With all that is unfolding in Egypt my little world seems pretty unimportant.
That said, it was a very successful day!  You can't really tell from the photo but these two literally glow.  It's almost as if they are lit from within.  Some days what you strive to achieve just happens.  Don't we wish we could harness that!

Monday, January 24, 2011

"Winter Nap" oil on masonite 8x8" $175

A little break from the pooch world today.  As mentioned before, I don't think there are any more paint worthy pets than my own Ollie.  We just found out he's tipping the scale at 21 lbs. now.  The vet wants him to "have 300 calories a day".  Do folks really count calories for their pets?  That seems like a lot of work.  If I'm not willing to do it for myself what makes anyone think it will happen for the kitty?

Monday, January 17, 2011

work in progress

This piece isn't finished.  I just needed to see how it presents on screen.  In my dreams these are the dogs I have.  One of the reasons I wanted to do this image is the distortion of the paw size.  It actually reminds me of these big, cuddly pups.  It's sort of what they are about.  That must sound ridiculous!  but it makes sense to me.  I just want to grab their paws and squeeze!  We have a really big cat and his paws have the same effect on me.  He's not particularly glad to have me do it.  Oh well! the cost of being "kept"

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Pilnsner" oil on masonite 6x6" $99

Don't forget, any and all paintings I sell between now and September 25% will goes to Susan G. Komen for breast cancer research.  Come on all you beer drinkers!  one of you certainly needs this little jewel.

Friday, January 14, 2011

"Static Electricity" oil on masonite 12x12" SOLD

For me this was the best of both worlds.  A beautiful boy and a beautiful dog.  There has been some debate in our 2 artist household about the vivid red of the child's tongue and lips.  My painting, I win.  Young children seem to have that healthy, bold blood flow that accounts for strong color.  Have you ever notice the washed out appearance of the elderly?  Maybe it's one of the things that makes them immediately recognizable as "old".  Maybe that's also why women wear lipstick!  why don't men?  they get old.