Saturday, May 31, 2008

"English" oil on masonite 6x6" SOLD

Being in the studio today was a nice surprise. Our niece, Hannah, works for the Mariners. She was able to procure a suite for today's game against Detroit. Family and friends abounded. It was an amazing way to watch a game. Anyhoo, the home team won in record time so we were back home with ample time to paint. That said, this is a dear friend that we met when she was a student of Ross'. She is now considered a staple at all our gatherings. She's English and brings marvelous food and humor whenever she comes.

Friday, May 30, 2008

"Colin" oil on canvas board 8x10" SOLD

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The most talented artist I know is my husband. He teaches at a community college two days a week. This quarter he's teaching sculpture. Last weekend we had his class and some other folks (70+) out for a bronze pour and dinner. The excitement on this young man's face says it all.
Oh! yeah; it was a very sunny day and everyone got that lovely pink glow.

Monday, May 26, 2008

"maybe" oil on masonite 6x6"

Yes! back in the studio. I've got a million things running through my brain. Painting can be so self indulgent. Funny, it has some similarity to learning to golf. I played my 6th life time game today. Pathetic! However, at some point I realized it would be best to forget the score and practice the parts that need it. Since we went before 7AM we were home in plenty of time to get into our studios. As I was painting I realized I should paint the things that intrigue me. If they aren't my best skills it doesn't matter. If I don't take the time to practice them they'll never be my best skills.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Sputnik" oil on masonite 6x6" NFS

I haven't been in my studio in a couple of days. At least not to paint. My husband had his 62nd birthday yesterday and we had a huge bronze pour and party. There were 70+ folks here. The menu would make your eyes bug out (and your belly). People began to arrive around 10:30AM an the last to leave departed our driveway at about 1AM the next day. Whew! tired.
It was more fun than one deserves to have. I'm always amazed at how wonderful my family and friends are. Anyway.....this is the portrait I did of the birthday boy. I had planned on getting him golf lessons at the local course. Come to find out they have a pro but no lessons. Can anyone explain THAT to me? What's the point in having a pro? What does a painter do with little time and no ideas? PAINT. Those who know him would tell you that I missed his amazing sparkle. I would agree. Maybe because so much of it isn't evident until he opens his mouth to speak.
He teaches 3D design and sculpture at a community college. Some of his students were here for their first experience casting their own work. Magic.
I could go on and on.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Attitude" oil on masonite 6x6"

I'm so excited when painting animals. My cats, this woman; it doesn't really matter. There's something about painting the spirit of an individual. Today started out slow. For some reason I seriously could not keep my eyes open long enough to get out of bed.
From the beginning: I got up at 3AM and did some odd jobs. The alarm went off at 5. I thought I would just lay down long enough to get warm. At 7 I drug myself up. That was somewhat how the entire day went. But as you see, I did get to paint. All is good.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Blades" oil on canvas 8x10"

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Even though I've been really pleased with the images of my wonderful cats, my biggest enjoyment comes when I portray the human figure. It's so interesting how the face becomes unimportant.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"The Night Watch" oil on masonite

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If you've been following my blog you know that the big orange blob at the top is none other than Ollie. The lap cat is Magoo. Magoo came to us as a stray. His eyes were so infected that they were sealed shut. Turns out he had a defect that made his eyelashes grow in, toward his eyes. The constant abrasion was what caused his problem. No big deal! just pay for plastic surgery FOR A STRAY and all is right with the world. He's turned out to be one wonderful pet...except he hates dogs and is strong enough to do terrible damage. We don't think he sees very well but he can smell a canine before you can see one.

Monday, May 12, 2008

"Vista" oil on masonite

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For those of you who have never visited Washington state, it's very hilly. Unless you visit the eastern portion of the state, you are unlikely to see a horizon line. This is what you see in my "neighborhood". Tough, huh?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Prime Turf" oil on masonite 4x5"

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This almost seemed like fall to me...except I knwo the trees are just budding up.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Mind Games" oil on masonite 5x5" SOLD

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Yep, it's Ollie again. He's sitting on my lap, helping me post this. He thinks he's become a super star with all this attention. He recently had to have 3 teeth taken out. Maybe he'll be a character actor.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"Basking" oil on masonite 4x5" SOLD

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Lemur is the sassiest cat I know. She saunters around like queen of all things. She loves to rub your leg and beg for attention. Almost 100% of the time, at some point during your petting session, she has had enough and without any warning either slashes you or takes a mighty bite. There's no "dealing" with her either. She WILL NOT back down. It's a terrible thing when you're afraid of your own cat! Actually, that's part of the problem. She's my husbands cat. She totally loves him. As a matter of fact, she thinks she owns him. Far be it from me to disagree.

Monday, May 05, 2008

"The Beauty" oil on masonite 4x5" SOLD

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This little voice in my ear suggests that viewers may be bored with my cats. I guess I'm not a good listener. Ollie is wonderful to look at. Sometimes it seems like he knows it. He stretch and roll by the front door with the sun light dancing off is wonderful fur, then he'll casually glance over his shoulder to be certain he has an audience. He does.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

"Smushed" oil on masonite 5x5" SOLD

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If you haven't figured it out already, I REALLY love Ollie the cat. He's got this strange stand offish personality....except when I'm working on the computer. If I'm up here, posting, writing or doing some other computer worldly thing Ollie wants to be in my lap. It's not like he's paying attention. He postions himself like a baby and goes to sleep. I really don't care why. It makes me feel important.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

"Let The Sun Shine In" oil on masonite 4x8"

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Ollie is my big boy. When we got him he was tiny and sick. Our feline Tiny Tim. Once the vet brought him round he became a terrorist to the older cats. Now HE'S one of the senior citizens in our feline herd. He's a nice, round 18 pounds and loves to lounge in the sun streaming through the windows (he is not allowed outside. His elevator doesn't go to the top floor so I'm afraid he'll go in the street)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

"Orphan" oil on masonite 5x5"

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I can't talk about the cows. It's May 1st and we just did an evening walk around the property. My hands are so cold I can hardly type this. What's with that?!? If you aren't familiar with my blog, I live just out of Seattle. It is NOT suppose to be cold in May. I didn't even see any of our dread slugs tonight. What????