Monday, December 18, 2006

"Not a Painting"

It's Monday and the first time I remember not having a new painting in a long time. For anyone who may be reading these each day, here's the deal.
Our scheduled bronze pour on Saturday was delayed because of the horrible Seattle wind storm. We were lucky enough to get power back fairly quick. However, the wax burnout was mid stream which presents risk of mold failure. We ended up with a skeleton crew (compared to our normal) but it still meant considerable kitchen time for me. I had planned to paint between recipes. Best layed plans! Our relatively new neighbor has a wonderful even-newer live in girlfriend. We haven't had much chance to get acquainted and she came over while I was painting. In the big scheme the opportunity to get to know her seemed pretty important. I think she got here about 1PM and left around 8. Though I'm disappointed about the lack of a painting, I made the right choice. She's going to be a good friend and a great addition to our lives.
See you tomorrow.

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