Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Tildee" oil on masonite 5x5"

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When you live in the country, as we do, animals just seem to show up. As we wandered the garden one evening we heard a faint meowing. We already housed several feline darlings but we knew right away it was not one of their voices. From under a tree came the most peculiar looking cat. There was this tiny body on top of long, long fluffy legs. Housed in that odd body was an amazing personality. We took her to our local vet only to find out her odd looks were due to low body weight. Where ever she came from they had not been feeding her. At the same time we had a young male cat that had not been with us long. His energy and attention was NOT welcomed by the older cats in the household. He and this little stray hit it off immediately. She became the distraction he needed to get him to stop tormenting the older pets. She's been with us about 5 years now. The skinny little body has been replaced by a round, plump one. She's full of spirit and smart as a whip. This painting gives you a peek into that wonderful little spirit.


lyn said...

I zoom through the daily painters everyday, wish I had time to paint daily. Every week or so one catches my eye. We have a crew of cats also. Your cat is lovely, you and yours have a great website and your roknobs rock. Wonderful body of work!
Do you use a special masonite I hear there are different types? I've just started doing some oils on gessoed masonite and wondered if that was enough? Do you treat or gesso the backside?

Don Gray said...

This one's a real beauty...both the cat and the painting!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

I love this one, Sharman... beautiful work! I esp. like the painterly loose style that is also very descriptive. The eyes are esp. wonderful.