Friday, August 22, 2008

"Say What?" oil on masonite

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This woman is actually one of my dearest friends. It's funny how we can get caught in an off moment and there's no getting it back. When you see her in person she has a most amazing look. Her hair is a wonderful, deep shade of red and naturally curly. She has eyes that dance and a laugh that draws you in. I cherish every minute of our friendship. Whenever we eek out time together I come away uplifted. I'd really like to have her come sit for me in a more formal and flattering situation but she just says "NO!" in that deep, raspy voice that enhances all her magical story telling.


Sheila Vaughan said...

Sharman, this is an absolutely brilliant painting. It's like a Lucien Freud! I love it.

PAT MEYER -- said...

It seems that you have captured an intense moment in time. Superbly done.

trailbee said...

Why have a formal sitting? You've said it all, and extremely well.If I were your friend, I would be proud and grateful for a friendship that is perfect in its wordlessness. Thank you for posting this painting.