Friday, November 12, 2010

"Can You See Me Now?" oil on masonite 6x6"

Shhhhhhhhhhh!  don't tell but this cat does not belong to me.  My Ollie would be most offended if he knew someone else had a stars role today.
I actually did 2 paintings today.  The other one is part of a painting challenge group I have joined.  Each month is a new "challenge" picked by one of the members.  This month it was to set a timer for 30 minutes and when it rings PUT YOUR PAINT BRUSH DOWN!  Well let me tell you!  that was the fastest 30 minutes I ever spent.The group doesn't post until the 15th so you'll just have to wait to see

1 comment:

Shirley Fachilla said...

Delightful point of view; the fur is wonderful, too, especially those whiskers.
I looked at your cat Ollie or rather your painting of her. She's beautiful and so is the painting.