Wednesday, March 09, 2011

"Sarah" oil on hardboard 12x12" $400 plus shipping

There's a long story with this.  February 2010 I went to a Bluegrass festival.  This amazing young woman played.  I took a battery of images hoping to get at least one good one.  Last August I did 3 paintings from those shots.  One sold to a woman in Canada.  In the fall I was invited to advertise in Southwest Art with a group of other artists.  They used a VERY small image of the sold painting in the ad, December addition.  In February I got a call from a man in Texas who saw the ad.  He had a friend who's daughter plays Mandolin.  The painting reminded him of her.  His wife worked with the girl's mom so she took the magazine to work to show her.  She thought it resembled their daughter too so she shot a photo of the ad and sent it to the girl.  The man from Texas started talking about her and finally I asked her name.  Guess what!  It was the girl I had seen play!  Her name is Sara Jarosz.  She is fabulous.  With a back lit image like this they recognized her posture and body language.  Amazing chain of events.  Now I've painted her again and will contact her folks to see what they think.


Diana Moses Botkin said...

Lovely, intriguing and you've obviously captured her personality even though her face is hidden behind that mic. Perfect!

David Patterson said...

Love this one!