Sunday, April 01, 2012

"Sweet Rosie Dreams" oil on canvas approximately 20x30"

So! we have this cat.  His name is Magoo and he weighs about 18lb.  If he was a dog he would be a Bulldog.  Same build.  Now this cat Magoo HATES dogs.  He will chase them down and tear them up.  It is no joking matter.  Well, when this piece was almost complete I brought it in the house so my husband Ross could throw a little critique my way.  I braced the painting against a piece of furniture and walked across the room.  When I looked down Magoo had hunkered down, hackles up and was skulking across the floor, ready to attack the interloper.  You've got to know that the head in this painting is a good 12" tall!  If it had been a live dog it would be beastly large.  Truly a Youtube moment.

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