Sunday, October 08, 2006

Today is the 8th day of October, 2006. I really haven't been living in a cave, but I've just heard about "A Painting A Day".
My husband and I are both artists. He's primarily 3D with and occassional jaunt over to 2D. I'm the exact flop. Together we own and operate Owings/Brown Studios in Enumclaw, Washington. We are lucky enough to have two sculpture studios, a foundry and a painting studio. We also produce custom, one of a kind, cast bronze door and cabinet hardware as the two person company, Roknob. If all goes as planned, July of 2007 we will host our third outdoor sculpture show here on our 5 acres under the shadow of Mt. Rainier. In 2006 we had 23 artists. If you're curious about any of that you can visit our website at
As if that didn't keep us busy enough, I've decide to join this crazy, "painting a day" party. First I have to negotiate my way through how to set up the bidding, paying etc. We are two major techno zeros. Stay tuned!

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Judith D'Agostino said...

How many people tell you you look like Rosie?