Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"A Matter of Age" oil on masonite 6x6"

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Whew! Our Mr. Magoo is back. He came sauntering up to the back door early this morning. Some of you cat folks are wondering why the worry. Well first, none of our 6 cats are allowed to spend the night outside, second we have MANY coyotes here. They come right up to the house at night. He would make a tasty (18lb) meal for someone.
Now I can get back to painting, where I belong.
One of the things that happened on our trip was an idea I had to paint people I met along the way. I'm not quite ready, but there will be many. It was fun to tell the random waitress or shopper what I was up to and then take their pictures. Some were tickled, others mortified!
Fun for me, trouble for them......


Don Gray said...

Nice painting, Sharman. Glad Mr. Magoo is safe and sound.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Sharman, I find your portraits haunting. When you say on the dpg that "colour will always come before subject" I wonder now if you are feeling it is more like 50/50 because yes, the colour is amazing but you are capuring the subject so well. Glad the cat came back. They are very clever creatures!