Saturday, March 21, 2009

"All About Me" oil on canvas 30x42"

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If this looks familiar it's because it is. This image was the first study Idid for the commission. The only difference? SIZE. This devil is 30x42" Yep. Those are some mighty big choppers. I wish the photo was better. After 35 years working in dentistry the teeth have every reflective surface right where it should be. I'm not convinced I could have pulled it off without that background. It would be easy for them to look like big, white pillows. At this point I'm totally hooked on these larger-than-life paintings. If it wasn't so annoying to stretch and prime canvas they would come more quickly.


Patrice said...

I'm quite impressed with this portrait. I know how difficult it is to capture a big smile and not just pull it off - but actually have it radiate from the canvas.

Very nice.

eda said...