Sunday, March 15, 2009

"The Promise of Magic" oil on canvas 30x42"

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Yes, you have seen this gentleman before. However, since I'm still mesmorized by his face you just have to deal with it. The biggest (no pun) difference between this image and the ones before is the size. This image is - GASP! - 30x42". Yep. One very giganto face.
It started with the commission for the African children. After doing several of those at this size I was seriously hooked. It's really kind of fun to be in my studio with all of them surrounding. If anyone out there can explain that to me please do.
Since doing so many of the smaller, daily type paintings transitioning to the large canvas is somewhat daunting. Everything is different. The brushes needed for sure and then trying to control the thickness of paint! wow, that's a big one (again, no pun) You almost have to ask yourself to think of them as to different disciplines.
End? can't wait to do more.

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